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Ep. 20 NAIDOC 2020. "Always was, always will be."

In this our twentieth episode Kado Muir shares some thoughts, comments and insights into NAIDOC 2020. Always was, always will be.

What started in 1938 as a day of mourning on the 26th January has now been transformed into a week of celebration. The controversy of Australia day still haunts this nation but one of the first protests against it has been transformed into a week of celebration for all things Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories and cultures.

Normally celebrated in July, this year we had to postpone and celebrate later in the year, so find ourselves celebrating NAIDOC week in November.

Right around Australia are many events and happenings, I’ve selected a couple here to share some resources so you can follow up and find an event near you.

You can download resources and find further information at:

The first and most obvious is to visit the NAIDOC website.


go to SBS, where they have the official NAIDOC educational resource materials for teacher s to download and adapt for teaching and learning activities in the classroom. This is a great resource and should prove very useful this year.


Show Sponsored by Marnta Sandalwood

Before we go any further a word about our sponsor: This special naidoc episode is sponsored by Marnta Sandalwood, who are proud to be releasing their new line up of sustainable, Aboriginal owned sandalwood products including face and body splash, hand and body wash, massage oils, essential oils and pure sandalwood nut oil. Visit to find out more.


You can’t get too far during NAIDOC week without watching or downloading a program or show on ABC indigenous. There is a great smattering of original an new material showcasing Indigneous Australia on ABC, go check it out.

Well this was such a short show today and for the first time in this episode, we at My Culture Story went to APRA AMCOS and paid for an Online Mini Licence Agreement. The good news is, we can now bring the occasional song into our episodes to showcase some of the amazing talent we have in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music. Today I am sharing a song from a young woman who made her debut last year in July 2019, she peaked at No. 4 on the ARIA Albums chart and is now touring and creating interest. Our fistr ever song on My Culture Story podcast is Thelma Plum with Better in Blak.

Song for this episode

Thelma Amelina Plumbe, known professionally as Thelma Plum, is an Aboriginal Australian singer-songwriter-guitarist from Delungra, New South Wales. Her debut album, Better in Blak, was released in July 2019 and peaked at No. 4 on the ARIA Albums Chart. Wikipedia

Sponsored by Marnta Sandalwood

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